Lo Scrittoio provides FESTIVAL STRATEGY & MARKETING CONSULTING integrated services, acting as a link between film production and distribution and playing a key role in several phases and through various methods.

This activity is carried out, together with producers and authors, by assessing the potential diffusion of the work in the realization, and, in case, design, stages; directing authors and producers in the participation in pitching and other professional meetings; by evaluating the methods of presentation and registration in film festivals and markets that are held suitable and functional for the artistic/production characteristics of the work.

Each phase of the project will be assessed on a case basis. To require an assessment, a specific service and a rough estimate of costs, just fill out the FORM and e-mail it to strategy@scrittoio.net including the necessary information on the project, the development stage or state-of-the-art, thus orienting the proposal of services and consulting.

Services offered:

  • Script reading and analysis
  • Script editing
  • Target definition
  • Consulting on industry and markets
  • Market list and coproduction forum in target
  • Consulting and pitch preparation
  • Consulting on dossier making
  • Consulting on teaser making
  • Consulting on trailer making
  • Formulation of the promotional strategic plan
  • Consulting on participation in film festivals (shortlist)
  • Registration in film festivals and/or domestic and/or international markets
  • Identification of sales agents
  • Consulting on identification of distribution channel